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There is something exciting happening which I want to share with you, because I’m smitten - e-magazines. Now I’m definitely prone to buying a magazine or two per month and lose myself in the homes of others, I love nothing more than grabbing a cuppa and chilling out with a glossy magazine, but the emergence of a different type of publication has got my attention. 

Beautifully designed and full of inspiring designs and interiors, I just have to let you know about my two online favourites - 91 Magazine and Heart Home Magazine. Both are available to read at issuu.com and are packed with sumptuous interiors, idyll homes, plus fantastic decorating ideas. The contributors range from interior stylists to bloggers and journalists, all sharing their passion and exquisite style. 

I urge you to take a few minutes of your day to escape and indulge in the delights of these online magazines.



(Source: issuu.com)

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