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Christmas decorating idea #4

This weeks recommendation for decorating your home is to use paper decorations. This year I’ve noticed that paper decorations in the form of pompoms, garlands and origami in all sorts of shapes and sizes are all the rage for adding a simple, fun and stylish look. Pompoms are one of my favourites and come in a variety of colours and creations, some are in a honeycomb style while others are more rustic and fluffy. They are great for hanging from the ceiling, strung up in a bundle, made into a garland or grouped together as a table centre piece. 

The great thing about paper decorations is that you can make them too, snowflakes can look fantastic, you can either stick to something simple or challenge yourself and your scissors to a more intricate design. There are a number of downloadable designs you can follow to make it a bit easier:


So grab your paper and scissors folks and get creating! xx

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