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All good things are wild and free…

It’s getting to that time of year for one of my favourite Autumn delights -blackberries. For the last few weeks, if not longer, while on walks with the Otti dog, I’ve been scanning the hedgerows and taking mental notes of where the best blackberry bushes are. I’m determined not to miss out on a good crop this year and stack my freezer high with bags of mushy berries. Of course I’m obviously not going to divulge where I believe the best spots for blackberries are around Crickhowell (but I may go for a round of golf quite soon….. )Time to start collecting the ‘nicer looking jars’ from the recycling, (although I do have some lovely Weck jars available on the website at the moment, I could nab a few of those) and decide on what to make. So many recipes -  do I go for jam? crumble? pies? ice cream? so many things to choose from and a lot of berries needed methinks. If anyone would like to share their favourite blackberry bakes please let me know it would be great to hear from you.

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